John Evans


Ream Max Eliite Realty

1296 E. Main St

If you are looking for a realtor that is committed to serving you and makes a point to be in constant contact with the client throughout the buying process, then there is no need to look any further.  I have lived in North Carolina for 35 years.  I grew up in Maryland but moved to North Carolina when I was a teenager.  I fell in love with The Smokey Mountains and I never left. Before my real estate career, I worked in the building industry for 12 years.   I found that my former profession gave me a unique understanding of the structure of homes, that other agents do not possess.  This allows me to help my clients find the best possible home for them, with the least amount of problems during the inspection period.  As a seasoned broker I know what it takes to guide buyers and sellers through every facet of their home purchase or sale as smoothly as possible.  I have won sales awards every year as a broker, and in my third year was awarded the rising star award from our local Realtor board.  As of 2021 I achieved on of REMAX’s Highest award Hall of Fame.  I have done this by being dependable, trustworthy, and responsive.  From the beginning, it has been a perfect fit for me.  The ability to meet new people and introducing them to my favorite place on earth always is enjoyable to me.   I love my job and look forward to serving you.

Awards Achieved:

2015: Remax Executive Club  

2016-2021: Remax100% Club

2017: CSAR The Rising Star Award 


2021 Achieved Remax Hall Of Fame

2019: CSAR Production Award over $5M sales

2020: CSAR Production Award over $7M sales

2021: CSAR Production Award over $9M sales

Business Experience:

12 Years In the building Industry (Giving me a huge advantage ver the typical agent with my knowledge of construction and the workings of a home.  I can save you Time and money by pointing out issues that will come up on inspection reports)

8 Years Building and managing a Landscaping business

Bachelor Of Science degree From Appalachian State University



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